Shopify AdWords – How To Get CONVERTING Store Traffic

Advertising Tips: Pay attention to the words and phrases that get the most attention in your industry. This means knowing who your audience is and what they're looking for. Consumer products sell best when advertised through words such as "new", while informational products sell better when combined with words like "advice". Always be sure you know what your audience is looking for and word your copy accordingly.

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In this video I’ll show you how to get traffic that actually BUYS your products and converts using Google AdWords.

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  1. good stuff! I am interested in using AdWords in the next weeks to diversify myself and get more into intent marketing and high-end e-commerce. looking forward to your next videos. thanks

  2. thank you so much, already downloading your adwords templates, to twist them a bit and test.. thank you Marco…

  3. Bidding Strategy Not Mentioned
    How to target the right audience not mentioned
    display ads not mentioned.
    Not Usefull

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