‘No-Brainer Launch Cheatsheet’ + $105 Prize Contest

Advertising Tips: Make video marketing a part of your strategy, but do not rely on it entirely. Remember, it can be expensive to continuously post new videos. In addition, it can be time consuming to make them and put them up online. Therefore, while they are very valuable, you should engage in other tactics as well.

No-Brainer  Launch  Cheatsheet

– 80+ Facebook Groups To Advertise Your Launch In

– Get Your Launch In Front Of More Affiliates

– More Visibility For Your Launch

Your Launch Needs To Be Seen!

You know, we talk a lot about creating products. Whether it’s from scratch, or using PLR, or a combination of both, everyone teaches a different way to create products.

But once the product’s created, then what? Obviously, you need to launch it.

A product launch usually depends on affiliates to promote your product, in exchange for a commission.

The problem is, there are so many launches going on each day, how do you stand out?

The easiest solution is to be seen everywhere that affiliates are. The more visibility your launch has, the bigger and more enticing it looks.

And the good news is, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get more affiliate visibility.

In fact, you can do it for free by posting in the 80+ Facebook groups linked in the No Brainer Launch Promo Cheatsheet!

This cheatsheet was developed by Pat Flanagan, who’s managed over 70 product launches for clients big and small over the past 5 years. These are the Facebook groups that he advertises his launches in… and so can you.

He also includes 10 launch calendar and launch announcement websites. It’s important to get your launches on there, these are the very places where affiliates go to find launches to promote!

The best part, advertising your launch in those 80+ Facebook groups and posting to the 10 launch calendar/announcement sites won’t cost you a dime. Sure, many of them have paid advertising options, but you don’t have to shell out for those if you don’t want to. Just being listed everywhere will help brand you as a serious product launch.

Yes, you’re going to see 2 upgrade offers afterward. If you’re serious about your product launches and aren’t just playing around, you should grab them. One is recorded training on the timeline that Pat follows to create and manage his successful launches – all the tasks are laid out in order, and he even explains why some of them should be done when they are.

The second upgrade option is a series of four live training sessions he’s doing on in-depth launch matters – planning a product “funnel” and launch contest, affiliate management, launch promotion strategies, even how to create the best JV info page and JV video. Get in on these and you’ll get all the training you’ll need before everyone else, you’ll get your questions answered, you’ll even get some attendee-only bonuses.

Cheatsheets Are Hot – And This One Gives You What You Want – Affiliate Visibility!

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