Facebook Ad Template – Cheatsheet

Use this Tutorial to Create a Perfect Facebook Advertisement

Use this Facebook template to create a highly optimized Facebook Advertisement.

Facebook Ads Guide

In this Facebook Ads Guide we are going to show you how to create a Facebook Advert that converts your traffic into leads.  Along with this guide you will get some Facebook Advertising tips such as how to design a Facebook ad, ad copy and placement.  Be sure to download your Free Template Tutorial Here.

Free Facebook Ad Template

This is a Facebook Ad Template FREE for you to use on each and every sponsored ad you run.  It will show you how to create effective Facebook ads. Save this FREE Facebook Advertising template to reference as you follow the video.  Click below.

The main things you will learn from this is Facebook Advertisement Tutorial:

  1. The need for a Facebook Page. This is extremely important as it is required in order for you to run a Facebook Advertisement.
  2. Using the Call Out properly. This is essentially a broadcast statement that people see letting them know what your advertisement is about and if it applies to them.
  3. Understanding and building rapport with your audience and how to effectively do this in the placement of the Facebook Advert.
  4. Laying out all the benefits of your product or service. This should be done in the appropriate order to affect the psychology of your reader.
  5. Your Call to Action or CTA. This is what tells your audience what you would like them to do.  If you don’t tell them properly they may never perform your desired action.
  6. Properly using an image, picture or video to attract and more effectively get your message across to potential leads.
  7. Creating the best headline for your target market. This, along with your video or image will be what attracts your reader to your advertisement.
  8. Using a subheading to convey more of your message. This helps to pre-qualify your leads.  You do not want to paying for people clicking on your ad if they are not your target market.
  9. Effectively labelling your button.

Remember to download your Facebook Ad Template and follow along with the cheatsheet to use over and over as you are launching your Facebook Ad campaigns.

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